What Can Squid Game Teach Us About Responsible Gambling? – Legal Desire News Network

What Can Squid Game Teach Us About Responsible Gambling? – Legal Desire News Network

Squid Game is the most-watched Netflix show in history having more than 140 million viewers. It is a South Korean drama survival series about unsuspecting volunteers enlisted to play children’s games to life and death for the chance of getting 45 billion Korean Won. 

The series definitely gives some life lessons for those who enjoy gambling as the series successfully shows how irresponsible gambling can be deadly and can ruin lives. Here are some of the life lessons our guest author An Jung-Su, Korean gambling expert with a background in marketing, suggests can be learned from the popular Squid Game

Generally, it is in human nature to enjoy taking risks. The pump of adrenaline to some people is a daily need. If it is driving through the yellow light in traffic, spinning a wheel in the popular online casinos, or going bungee jumping. 

It is great to have a daily dose of adrenaline, however, it has to be monitored, not to make too risky decisions that can affect the quality of life or the people around you. Squid Game brilliantly demonstrated that people with gambling addiction are more likely to be risk-takers willing to risk more than they can afford to lose. 

For example, the main character Seong Gi-Hun (played by Lee Jung-jae) joined the deadly Squid Game because of the debts he accrued by betting on horse races. Since people like him feel stuck in their debt with no way out, they are even willing to risk their lives and that is when the gambling addiction becomes a problem. 

In order not to take too risky choices, one has to take control of the decisions being made. You should take control of the risks you are taking, always remembering that gambling cannot be the main source of income as most of the games are based on luck, not skill. Furthermore, the skill games will take many years to master well enough to make it a legitimate source of income. 

It is advisable to monitor how much time you spend playing your favorite games in the most popular online casinos. If you try to limit yourself, do you feel depressed, anxious, and sad? Or is it fine with you to end playing and continue tomorrow? 

If you feel the signs that you cannot deal with depression or anxiety when trying to limit yourself, it is recommended to seek help and take control of your life. For instance, the Squid Game series brilliantly shows what happens and where people end up if they are not in control of their gambling habits. 

Responsibility goes hand in hand with taking control of your gambling habits. Of course, saying ‘be a responsible gambler’ might seem easier said than done. There are many factors that one can do to become in charge of the gambling hobby, not allowing it to take over your life. 

First things first, to be a responsible gambler, it cannot be the main source of income. Moreover, you should only bet with money that you can afford to lose, and you should set limits to yourself …….

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